3 Best Types Of Siding For Your Home


The exterior of your home expresses its personality to everyone in the neighborhood and all passers-by. The outside of the house is the first thing people notice, and that first impression speaks loudly. Dress your house for success by choosing one of the 3 best types of siding.

Purpose of Siding
Exterior siding of your house has two main functions. First, it protects the structure from wind, rain, snow and ice, keeping out water. The second function is aesthetic. Siding adds character and dramatic appeal to a house. While there are many different kinds of siding that can be used, 3 best types of siding are wood, vinyl and cement fiber siding.

Wood Siding
The natural beauty and durability of wood makes it a traditional choice. Wood siding is a protective covering or veneer attached to the house exterior by screws, nails or adhesives. Numerous options are available, including:
· Cedar shingle siding provides a smooth appearance, and can be formed into patterns and intriguing designs
· A variation is cedar shake siding, with its rustic appeal
· Board and batten siding involves installing wide vertical boards spaced apart, with battens or narrower boards covering that space
· Tongue and groove siding is versatile, as it can be installed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally; various face types are available
· Drop channel siding in which each board slightly overlaps the adjoining board, forming a channel that provides a visual shadow
· Bevel siding is also called lap siding or clapboard, and uses boards thicker on one edge than the other

Main advantages to the use of wood siding include:
· The distinctive, warm and classic appearance it imparts to a house
· The actual resale value of a house can increase, as many appreciate the beautiful look provided by wood siding
· Environmentalists will appreciate that wood siding comes from a renewable resource

There are some negative factors to consider when choosing wood siding:
· Solid wood siding has to be stained or painted, adding considerably to the cost of installation
· Some wood siding has limited paint options; for example, cedar shakes cannot be painted as the paint would peel off
· Maintenance is a major drawback, as wood siding has to be repainted as often as every five years.

The average cost of wood siding varies from 3.50 to 6.00 per square foot to have a contractor supply and installed the siding for you.

Vinyl Siding
First on the market in the 1960s, vinyl siding has increased in popularity to become the main choice of siding in North America. There are almost 350 colors to choose from according to the Vinyl Siding Institute. Advantages of such house siding include:
· Ease of installation and available in home improvement stores
· Long lasting color with little maintenance requirements
· Lower cost than other forms of siding

Be sure to see look at the decorative trim packages for your garage door size and the types of window manufacturers, that will help complement your new vinyl siding installation.

There are disadvantages, however, including:
· A tendency to fading from exposure to the sun, although special coatings are available to resist fading
· Although water resistant, vinyl siding is not water proof and this can lead to mold problems
· Breaks, cracks and bends can result from extreme weather conditions

Vinyl siding can run you about 3.00 -5.00 per square foot to have a siding company supply and install it.
Cement Fiber Siding
Fiber cement siding is made from cement, cellulose fiber and sand, and is formed to resemble real wood. Such house siding:
· Looks good, with a natural solid appearance
· Is prepainted
· Require no maintenance, and re-painting only after 15-25 years
· Is fireproof

There are some disadvantages to this siding:
· Difficult to cut and handle
· Very heavy
· Silica dust from cutting is a hazard

Fiber cement siding is manufactured thru James Hardie and Certainteed. You can expect the prices to range between 4.50 – 7.00 for this type of siding.

Whichever of these 3 best types of siding you choose, you can be assured that your house will be protected from the weather. Once the practical decision is made, it is up to you to be creative in dressing your house. With all the options available, you will be sure to find a siding that perfectly expresses the personality of your home.

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